UBC's Vancouver School of Economics (VSE) is proud to be consistently ranked as the top Economics school in Canada. This comes as no surprise, because students from more than 50 countries come to UBC to learn from leading experts in Economics, Finance and International Trade. Our faculty have influenced public policies on issues such as taxes and minimum wage rates through groundbreaking research and participation in debate.

The Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society (VSEUS) ensures that the VSE's undergraduate Economics students have access to the support and resources they need throughout their academic career at UBC. We represent over 900 undergraduate students, ensuring their voices are heard in the wider UBC community.

To achieve this we:

  • Create and facilitate spaces where our constituents are comfortable interacting with each other.

  • Develop external relationships outside of VSEUS to learn from other groups with a shared vision

  • Provide Student Grants to undergraduates that would like to spearhead an independent initiative to enhance their academic and career development

  • Establish strong traditions in the Economics community, so students feel proud to wave the VSEUS flag. We even have our own clothing line!


Our Reach

The VSE offers a dynamic range of undergraduate programs including:

  • Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) - a specialized four-year, full-time degree program that admits approximately 100 1st year students directly into VSE. The cohort is made up of a 1:1 ratio of international and domestic students.

    1. BA and Combined Majors in Economics - accepted based on a rankings system of 3rd year student who express interest. Combined majors are available in Economics and Philosophy, Economics and Political Science, Economics and Mathematics, and Economics and Statistics.

    2. BA Economics Honours - a honours stream of the Bachelor of Arts Economics program that admits approximately 30 students each year.

VSEUS represents students from all three of these undergraduate programs as we aim to foster strong relationships with the VSE faculty and the broader UBC community.