On January 2014, UBC officially announced its acquisition of the iconic Iona building. The Iona building will serve as a home for the Vancouver School of Economics in the coming years. In the planning process, VSEUS is advocating for undergraduate student spaces to be placed within the renovated building. These spaces include:

  1. A series of informal learning space where students can use to interact with their peers as well as to study for their finals

  2. A lounge for undergraduate Economics students (One for BA students, one for BIE students) so students can have a place to relate back to their community

  3. An office space for VSEUS where we can coordinate our operations

  4. A TA-Hub, in partnership with the Masters and PhD students to hold office hours as well as PASS sessions within

  5. A dedicated computer lab for undergraduate Economics students where they can collaborate on economics/data analysis proejcts

  6. A series of bookable room for group study

  7. A multipurpose room that could be utilized for academic seminars as well as social events

For outdoor requests, students should reach out to the following page:  http://planning.ubc.ca/outdoorevents.

For Booking of Rooms within the IONA Building, there are some strict rules that must be followed:
1. The form must be completed and submitted to VSEUS Admin, who will sign it, and then it can be submitted to the IONA Administration for processing. 
2. The form must be submitted 10 WORKING DAYS PRIOR to requested date of room use. 

Bookable Rooms:
IONA 301
IONA 633 
[BIE LOUNGE 300 -- approval required]

Restricted Space:
IONA Lobby (available for booking after 6pm). 
[533- can submit request, but highly selective and limited to academic meetings and events, seminars and classes)

For any questions or concerns, reach out to:
VSEUS Admin: general@vseus.ca
Arlene Chan: arlene.chan@ubc.ca