VSEUS 2019 Spring General Election Candidates


President Candidate

Ryan Wong

My name is Ryan Wong, I am a Bachelor of International Economics student and I am extremely excited to be running to be your next VSEUS President. This past year I have served in multiple roles on VSEUS, most notably as Associate Vice-President Administration. I have served on committees across different portfolios, and Chaired the Merchandise Committee and Recognized Clubs Committee. I have had the privilege of working with such a talented executive team this year and if elected, I look forward to continuing the good work that the team has accomplished.
My platform is based upon 3 pillars:
1. Increase Communication - Enhance VSEUS communication internally to create a more productive working environment and work with the VP Admin to ensure the Code of Procedures reflects this.
2. Accessibility and Engagement - Make VSEUS more accessible and engaged within the Econ community and also work with the AMS Rep to be more engaged with the AMS and broader UBC community.
3. Brand - Improve the VSEUS brand and image to create a larger presence within the VSE and university.
I am eager to get to work for you all and just remember a Vote for Wong is never wrong!

VP Academic Candidates

Alex Gagné

For the past year, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to represent 1st/2nd year BIE students as Junior Representative on the VSEUS council, and previously served as student body VP and President of Debate in high school. My passion for these roles would translate well into what I see as the core pillars of the VP Academic role: discourse and advocacy. On discourse, I see the Talkonomics series as a project with proven success and vast potential. My committee would work tirelessly to invite politicians, pundits, and academics with names you recognize to have a conversation with students on controversial economic issues, with an end goal to turn these events into major fundraisers with school-wide appeal. On advocacy, the VP Academic plays an important role in pushing for change in the VSE & AMS, and upon taking office I would launch a poll on issues like mandatory textbooks and fall reading week. I would also institute VSE Collab, events where students can teach and learn from each other in preparation for exams, or peer-review assignments, in order to expand Academic aid networks to upper-year students. Economics matters, and Econ students can take over the world. Let's make it happen.


Pam Denchev

Hello! My name is Pam Denchev. I’m a 4th year BA Economics student and I hope to be your next VP Academic. I have worked with VSEUS over the last year as the Assistant VP Academic and have helped organize the BIE mentorship program for first year students, several Talkonomics events, and the Graduate Studies Information Session and Panel Discussion. Additionally, in my second and third year at UBC, I was involved with the UBC Econ Club as Events Director and VP Internal. The primary focus of this club was to create a community for lower year students interested in Economics. My priorities as VP Academic would be to ensure the continuation of the current Academic portfolio by expanding on past events, and to focus on creating new events and initiatives that specifically represent each subset of students under the VSE (BA Econ, BIE, BA Honours, and Combined Majors). Ultimately, I would like to promote stronger representation of the BA Econ student body within VSEUS and continue to develop the sense of community across all students in the VSE.

Erin Song

Erin is a current BIE student and is excited to be running for Vice-President Academic. As the Senior Advisor to a previous student government, she has successfully spread awareness through the execution of a variety of social and cultural events. In addition, her work and active involvement in the establishment of a student-led organization dedicated towards the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has allowed her to gain a unique skill set, with strong attention towards meeting the demands of her peers and understanding the nuances of running a successful event. She plans to apply her knowledge from these experiences by not only continuing to organize relevant informational sessions for upper year economic students, but by also working to improve the experience of junior BIE and BA students by making more opportunities and information more readily available. Outside the classroom, Erin enjoys participating in lifeguarding competitions, listening to good music and spending time with friends. She encourages everyone to vote during this elections season!

VP Administration Candidate


Chris Gooding

My name is Chris Gooding and I’m a third year BA Economics student and current AMS Representative for VSEUS. I’m running for election to the position of VP Admin for the 2019-2020 year. In this position there are three key things that I will aim to achieve. First, I will ensure the key responsibilities of the position, such as expanding relationships with clubs and ensuring the efficiency of the society’s operations, are being done to a high standard. Second, I’d like to continue the work done with merchandise to further generate pride amongst UBC Economics students. Lastly, I’d like to provide support for all of the other incoming execs to ensure they can achieve their goals as well. Thank you for your consideration.

VP External Candidates


Jenny Liu

Hello! My name is Jenny and I'm running to be your next VP External. I'm a second-year BIE student who has served passionately as VSEUS' AVP Administration since 2017 and VP Student Life since 2018. I have chaired a total of 4 VSEUS committees, from Elections to Recognized Clubs (which I co-founded). Throughout my tenure, I developed useful insights on the main issues VSEUS faces and look forward to continue improving our undergrad society.

My platform consists of:

1. BRANDING- Developing a brand guide to convey a consistent image of VSEUS to students, faculties, and external organizations. Associating VSEUS with an identity.

2. STRATEGIC MARKETING- Supporting VSEUS with customized marketing plans and timelines for all programs and events. By April 2020, improve our student reach by 40% of our current base, with online engagement being the main metric.

3. EXTERNAL RELATIONS- Working with the President and VP Admin to create a development & stewardship plan dedicated to external relations with organizations, faculties and alumni. Featuring regular correspondence, donor cycles, and promotion of external events for Economics students.

Thanks for your vote! Feel free to contact me at jenny.liu.418@gmail.com if you have any questions and I'd be happy to answer them!


Akash Satpute

Hey, my name is Akash, and I am a first student in the Bachelor of International economics program (BIE). I am from India but have grown up moving around Europe, living in England, Germany, and Sweden. I’m running for Vice President External Affairs, as I want to build the brand of VSEUS and economics at UBC so we are better recognized not only in the city of Vancouver but across the country of Canada. Working as the sponsorship director for TEDxPune, I have learned how to approach companies and find mutual grounds for future financial and non-financial partnerships. I was also an active member of Model United Nations in my high school and as part of the executive team was responsible for promoting our own MUN conference. Moreover, as an elected floor representative I already have experience in marketing and promoting events at UBC. Vote for me, and lets become bigger than Sauder!

VP Finance Candidates


Christian Keller

My name is Christian Keller and I am a 3rd Year BIE student running for VSEUS Vice-President of Finance. My campaign is as follows: I will prioritize VSE funds towards programs that incentivize VSE alumni to provide students with career advice as well as opportunities to pursue industry experience. Second of all, I will increase the current VSE budget allocation of grants/bursaries for students pursuing research internship positions as well as conference and competition exposure across Canada. Finally, I want to make studying in Iona more efficient by funding cheap eating options and implementing a public printer. Vote for me as your next VP Finance so that I can fund the programs and facilities that will benefit you!


Isha Trivedi

My decision to move from the suburbs of Southern California to Vancouver is an example of my financial philosophy: weigh the benefits against the costs. In this case I decided, like you, that the quality of education at UBC was worth the investment. As VP Finance, I will support and propose endeavours that benefit the wide range of students in the Vancouver School of Economics, taking advice from the students themselves about their interests, enjoyment, and professional and educational needs. My time as the CFO of a certified nonprofit for over a year and the financial voice of reason in my family of six for much longer has provided me with experience working with flexible budgets and allocating funds for practical and exciting events. It also means that the intricacies of financial transactions do not bore me. I am not running for this position just to add a line on my resume; I care about students being excited to learn about economics in the real world and interact with their peers, and I will do everything I can to ensure you have a fun and fulfilling year — one that was worth the investment.

VP Student Life Candidate


Shahzan Wani

Hi! My name is Shahzan Wani and I’m a second-year BIE student. Having previously worked in the VSEUS marketing committee and as an Events & Marketing Volunteer in the VSE Career Centre, I have the skills necessary to be an effective Vice President of Student Life.

My top 3 priorities as your Vice President of Student Life will be to:

- Create events for upper and lower year BIE students to socialize.

- Hosting social/networking events for BA and upper year BIE students.

- Hosting social events to better integrate BIE transfer students with the rest of their cohort.

In addition, I would love to get feedback from students on any ideas they have. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at shahzan.wani@gmail.com


AMS Representative Candidate


Nick Harterre

My name is Nick, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the chance to serve as your next AMS Representative! As a first-year student enrolled in the BIE program, I have served as the Member-At-Large with the AMS’s Operations Committee since September, and I am excited to now bring our collective VSEUS voice to AMS council. Over the next year, my energy will be focused on the following:

• Active Representation: count on me to be fully involved in the workings of AMS committees, as well as assisting the great work your next VSEUS executive will take on.

• Prevention and Survivor-Centric Support: it’s time for VSEUS to take advantage of existing AMS and SASC campaigns and programs to help prevent and support survivors of sexual harassment and assault.

• Sustainability: support the ongoing work of the AMS to make our campus a leader in sustainability. I look forward to meeting you, working with you and bringing a strong voice to AMS Council. Let’s make sure that we have a real VSEUS presence over the next year as we contemplate a Fall Break, continue our support for SASC and keep making life as a UBC student as exciting as we can!

Thank you,

Nicholas Harterre