Your Voice Matters

Twice a year, you have the chance to change things about your experience as an undergraduate Economics student by electing students who best represent your views. These elected students are responsible for championing student voices on matters important to you.

We encourage you to get to know your candidates and their platforms before the voting portal opens because there’s nothing more powerful than informed voters. Voting period is between March 18th - 22nd, so make sure you go to to cast your vote!

Head to the Candidates page to learn about your 2019 Spring Election candidates. Follow VSEUS on Facebook and Instagram for all the updates on this election season.

Our VSEUS 2019 Spring General Election is an opportunity for you to vote in the next academic year’s:

  • President

  • Vice President, Academic

  • Vice President, Administration

  • Vice President, External

  • Vice President, Finance

  • Vice President, Student Life

  • AMS Representative

General inquiries or concerns regarding the VSEUS 2019 Spring General Elections can be directed to the VSEUS Elections Administrator at