Since it's launch in 2011, the Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society has become the home for over 1234 Economics students, comprised of 3rd and 4th year B.A. Economics Students and BIE Students.

We're a tight-knit economics enthusiast family and we're glad your part of it! Check out the rest of our website to find our more about our events, history, and how to get in touch with us! 

For any questions or concerns, please visit the Contact page. 

The Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society will ensure all members are continually engaged and feel a tangible sense of belonging and pride with the Economics community and the wider UBC community.

Students will be exposed to the diverse fields within Economics to be informed about their future paths and feel empowered and prepared for life after graduation. We will strive to work with the students, faculty, and staff to improve accessibility at VSE and UBC while continually assessing and reviewing student needs