As a part of the Online Learning Program, VSEUS has teamed up with to provide coupon codes for VSE students interested in some of their courses!

Lean Six Sigma is a globally-recognized analytical framework which emphasizes reducing waste and solving process-related problems. Implementing this framework helps leaders of organizations in a wide range of industries (manufacturing, finance, government, etc.) to reduce costs and improve product/service quality.

Certification in Lean Six Sigma takes the form of “belts,” similar to how martial art disciplines rank the skill and experience of students.


Register with your UBC email address and use coupon code “YBvseus”!

Equipped with an analytical framework such as Lean Six Sigma will help VSE students as they become future leaders in the Private, Government and NGO sectors.

VSEUS is giving out coupons for the most popular types of belts: Yellow, Green and Black. The *Yellow Belt* course can be completed with about 8-10 hours of independent study and is offering this $199 course for $49 USD.

Simply register on their website with your UBC email address and use coupon code “YBvseus”. We also have large discounts on the *Green Belt* and *Black Belt* courses. Simply use coupon codes “GBvseus” or “BBvseus” if you wish to complete further Lean Six Sigma training.

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