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Program: BIE
Year: 2nd
Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Email: president@vseus.ca

The President’s main responsibility is to represent and advocate for all economics students to UBC, the Vancouver School of Economics, as well as other on campus organizations. Additionally, the President oversees all operations in the society and acts as the Chief Spokesperson for the society. The President must have an understanding of all the portfolios and different committees, and also sets the agenda for Council meetings.

This year, Ryan aims to:

  • Increase communication and bridge the disconnect among the Executives

  • Enhance pride among Economics students

  • Collaborate with other constituencies, as well as AMS Services

  • Improve and introduce more services that benefit students

  • Consult with students more often on what they want and need from VSEUS

Fun fact: If Ryan could eat one food for the rest of his life, it would be mangoes

christian keller

VP Finance

Program: BIE
Year: 4th
Hometown: Perth, Australia
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Email: finance@vseus.ca

The Vice-President Finance is primarily focused on the VSEUS budget. Prior to the year they are responsible for developing a proposed budget forecasting the years total revenue and expense items. In doing so they accommodate events, activities and other proposals brought forth by the VSEUS executive team which require funding. Throughout the year, they continue to oversee the day-to-day transactions under the VSEUS account and update the budget accordingly to accommodate deviations.

This year, Christian aims to:

  • Increase funding towards student and group grants

  • Finance the installation of a printer in the Iona building

  • Finance the installation of a vending machine in the Iona building

  • Prioritize funds towards new programs that connect VSEUS students with our working alumni to increase opportunities for internships and work placements

  • Reduce funding towards non-discretionary items

  • Develop and maintain a transparent and achievable budget

Fun fact: Christian has travelled to every continent in the world

Pam denchev

VP Academic

Program: Major in Economics, Minor in Commerce
Year: 5th
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Email: academic@vseus.ca

The Vice-President Academic is responsible for coordinating and managing all VSEUS initiatives that fall under the academic portfolio. Current projects include:

  • the Agora Initiative, a mentorship program for first year BIE students;

  • the Talkonomics series, which allows VSE professors and other field experts an opportunity to present their research;

  • the VSEUS Online Learning Program.

This year, Pam aims to:

  • Continue to create a sense of community within the VSE

  • Create a VSEUS physical library for students to share economics-themed books with each other

  • Expand the reach of the Online Learning Program

  • Extend the Agora Initiative to include BA and Combined Major students

  • Work to ensure all students in the VSE feel represented by VSEUS

Fun fact: Pam once took 2 busses and an Evo car share in an attempt to find a grocery store that stocked the holiday themed Pillsbury sugar cookies

Chris gooding

VP Administration

Program: Major in Economics
Year: 4th
Hometown: San Ramon, California
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Email: admin@vseus.ca

The Vice-President Administration handles a variety of administrative duties of the society ranging from overseeing elections and hiring to ensuring that Economics students have access to quality space. Some committees that fall under the Administration portfolio include the Recognized Clubs Committee, the Elections Committee, and the Merchandise Committee, which is also a part of the External portfolio.

This year, Chris aims to:

  • Develop the VSEUS lounge into a space that reflects what Economics students want

  • Ensure that there is a successful onboarding process so that all new hires understand how VSEUS operates

  • Refine the process of supporting recognized clubs

  • Work with the president to make the Iona Café a reality

  • Work with the VP External to elevate the society’s merchandise

Fun fact: Each member of Chris’ nuclear family was born in a different country

shahzan wani

VP Student Life

Program: BIE
Year: 3rd
Hometown: Dubai, UAE
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Email: studentlife@vseus.ca

The Vice-President Student Life improves the student experience of VSEUS members by catering to the social aspect of university life through the organization of different events, such as the BA Pin Ceremony, Econ Week, Year End Gala, and other events.

This year, Shahzan aims to:

  • Improve wellness by focusing on the wellbeing and mental health of the student body

  • Improve turnout by creating events that will appeal to a larger segment of students

  • Improve by focusing on improving the execution of events

  • Promote collaboration with the other portfolios in the Society, such as the VP External to improve marketing and the VP Academic to put out events that cater to students’ academic endeavours

Fun fact:
He loves French fries


jenny liu

VP External Affairs

Program: BIE
Year: 3rd
Hometown: Richmond, BC
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Email: external@vseus.ca

The Vice-President External is in charge of all matters related to interactions with external bodies outside of VSEUS. Main areas of management include sponsorships, stewardship, marketing, and design.

This year, Jenny aims to:

  • Establish a strong brand identity for VSEUS by identifying core values and student culture

  • Increase student engagement and awareness of VSEUS initiatives by creating an effective marketing system

  • Strengthen existing relationships with external organizations and companies and actively develop more external relationships

  • Organize a database that keeps track of the progress and purpose of all of VSEUS’ external relationships

Fun fact:
Jenny had never taken a single Economics class until she came to university

nick harterre

AMS Representative

Program: BIE
Year: 2nd
Hometown: Timmins, Ontario
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Email: vseus.ams@gmail.com

As our AMS Representative, I make sure VSEUS students’ voices are heard in larger student body’s governance. That includes sitting on AMS Council and working on select AMS committees to better the students’ experience at UBC.

This year, Nick aims to:

  • Work towards bringing more advocacy campaigns within the Economics student body

  • Taking an active role in AMS Committees

Fun fact: Nick has a keen interest in politics, skiing and running